Learning a language is fun!

Through singing, games and role-play our language clubs are great fun as the children have a go at the accent, build their confidence to speak another language and learn about different countries and cultures.

Working in collaboration with your school, our French and Spanish Clubs are tailored to reinforce what your children are learning in class or offer a valuable introduction to a second language which will be useful on holidays and as a foundation for learning at Secondary school.

The Language Clubs are run as an extracurricular school club or at lunchtime within the school hall for years 1-6.  The group sizes and age groups can be set up to suit the need of your school and the pupils.  We tend to recommend a group size of 12 so that all the children have the opportunity to use their language skills.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve been delivering language clubs online. Using Zoom, Debbie translated her dynamic language workshops to a digital format with fun, interactive tools and the use of pop culture and Latin music. Debbie explained that going online was really easy for the children to adapt to: “The students are so good with technology they quickly took to learning through Zoom. I am really loving working with them and it feels great to be able to use my skills to support them and offer them a chance to connect with their friends during this difficult time”.

If you’d like to join one of our clubs, please get in touch or book online.

We currently run before & after-school clubs at Westbourne Primary & Southbourne Juniors.

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